A Snow-Bro Break: Skatebook.tv Launches

Jeebus, it’s been a crazy few days. The inbox has been lighting up like the Fourth of July thanks to the 2009 snowboard previews that are dropping here. But, lets take a breather from the snowbroing for a hot minute and swing back to skate.

Everybody knows that Ballard and Salman launched Skatebook not to long ago now they are taking the internets by storm. Skatebook.tv is alive and kicking on the web. All the video your grubby little hands desires can now be found in all its glory. I don’t know about you but the first issue of Skatebook has some pretty good company on my bookshelf sandwiched between ‘Disposable’ by Cliver and the Fuck You books from Glen E. Friedman. Now, the web link will have to get a similar treatment. Nice work guys. You just gave me another way to spend my rainy Saturday afternoon since my private skatepark isn’t scheduled to be completed until 2021.
Keep your eyes peeled on the crawl acros the bottom page for news updates and information on where you can pick up Skatebook for free. Now, if you aren’t lucky enough to

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