Vans 2009 Preview: Andreas Wiig Collection

It’s not so much that the scanners are making a comeback. Let’s be honest: hey never left. Setting expectations for 2009, Vans is backing their big man Andreas Wiig. Andreas continues to crush most of whatever gets in his way in terms of tables, hips and rails so it makes sense that he get the signature stamp of approval. Previously you could find his thumb print on the Vans BFJ, BFP and BFB. But, now it’s about the Wiig. Check out the gear below for a closer look at what “Mandreas” had on his back this past weekend at the X Games. In the event you missed it. We’ve got video below to back that up. Vans steppin’ it up again.

Andreas Wiig Jacket (Dowry Yellow Lumberjack Plaid shown) Features include: Vansguard 10/10 fabric | Fully taped | |TSS Midweight Insulation (120/80gm Body/Sleeve Polyfill)·

Andreas Wiig Pant (New White shown) | Vansguard 10/10 fabric Fully Taped | TSS Lightweight Insulation (60g Main Body Polyfill)

Andreas Wiig – A longtime coming, Vans is proud to introduce Andreas’
first signature model.

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