2009 Preview: Burton/Uninc Loooooove

The crew at theMustachio.com hooked this one up. Looking good ladies. I’m sure Mr. Heffner and Jake are both very proud. Uninc much?

More trickling in on the Burton front from across the globe. From the homies at Borque.blogspot.com we hooked up the following images. I have no clue where they might have dropped first but they hooked it up for sure.

First up, check the pic of Burton’s Ozone boot with the ski boot buckle graphics.

So much for rumors of saying goodbye to Uninc. Clean paint pen style graphics and the pastel power keeps on pushing it’s way through ’09. Looks like Neil Blender was right in regard to skulls and dragons…

Finally, closing it out with another image of the Burton Love and Seven. Air brushing and street corner gold never looked so good.

11 thoughts on “2009 Preview: Burton/Uninc Loooooove

  1. I love the un…inc by far the best board I’ve ridden. Twin Tip with their signature Wu tip and tail. You can take the board anywhere! Back country, Park, Pipe, Groomers it handles everything so well!! Also, if you plan on getting an Un…inc or any EST board for that matter spend the extra dough and get the EST binding thats the only way you will get the full experience of the new technology. Like I said its the best board “I’ve ” ridden so thats just my opinion, but I highly suggest demoing this board!

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