2009 Nike Snowboard Boot Preview

Say what you will about Nike but the know how to put enough R&D into a product that they get it right. Coming out of SIA, Nike drops boots inspired buy the legendary Nike Air Force 1. No word yet on street dates or color ways. Rumored to be dropping in August through October: four mens models and three womens. Will they take off like Nike SB? Time will tell. But, it’s safe to say they are, at minimum, an even money bet. Translation: the sky is the limit for Nike Snowboarding…

Now we have this mysterious live link up and running. Stay tuned

Update: Fluofun has some new pics…

39 thoughts on “2009 Nike Snowboard Boot Preview

  1. People,people……..settle down. To each his own, remember. taker616, if you’re true to the nature of snowboarding,like you appear to be. Then you have to agree that new innovations should be welcomed. Even Jake Burton himself would say that anything that might be an advancement,is good for the sport. Even though you may not be a Nike fan, there’s no denying their expertise in developing high tech footwear. This should be no different. Now if the boots continually suck,and it just ends up being some crap way for them to make money in a market that they had never been in. Then I would agree with taker, and hope that people who really know what the sport is about, will stay true to it.

  2. I mean unless you are a tight pants wearing rocker i think this will go perfect with the gangsta technine look for all of those wanna be gangster but coming from a basketball background i know how much money nike has to research and perfect the art of making footwear i think in like 5 years they will be the best boot on the market i am snagging me a pair the day they come out they are fresh

  3. A while back we were asked if we remembered Preston Bindings… here’s one for you, does anyone remember the first time Nike tried snowboarding boots, back during the ACG craze? They were the ugliest boots around and an obvious failure. We’ll see how it goes this time.

  4. all you so called snow boarding kids its not what the community or any other label you want to put on it. its about having fun and just going out thier yuckin anything and everything you can get on. so this brings more variation to the game so whatevers comfy and feels more natural will go to the top.

  5. anyone remember when nike started making ice hockey skates? everyone sayed the same thing….” nike ! what do they know about ice skates??” then they bought bauer and started making skates that felt like running shoes. look for nike to make a purchase in the next few years (my guess is thirty two) and start making dope comfy freestyle snowboard boots.

  6. they’ve tried this before…everyone will get shit if they have them at the mountain. but then again they could be pretty G with all the technine stuff. these don’t seem very Danny Kass to me…

  7. Nike knows how to market before they even hit the street they will be seen on trl and stuff w/ celeb wearing them, them pros will have them on at events like every good nike product.Plus people will wear them as winter boots but for males (a first).An now u will b able to look even better on the mountain and the club.

  8. One thing I like is the low profile none bulky styles. But they need to add a quick lace system like boa as a choice for us lazy bitches. But damn theys ugly tho. Oh and by the way there is nothing to “core” about companys like DC and Vans. They’re huge corporate dudes to.

  9. Dude they cant be too whack if danny kass himself is riding them!I mean, i ride thirty-two's, and i always have; but look at the nike snowboarding team! If they sucked, these guys wouldnt be riding for them.Danny KassLouie VitoAustin SmithEric JacksonJustin Bennee& Laura Hadar.

  10. For all the Pro Team…Like I am sure for all others companies boots industry (including ski here)…They have special boots for them with linner molded for them with foot print footbed etc…You really think they used the same out of the boxe as everybody?not at all…

  11. honestly… i think that i’m cool with this. the whole core factor is always something to open your eyes to… but honestly the nike sb shoes are extremely comfortable and durable as shit. footwear these days are insane and i love the nike shoes so good for em if they are going to make a boot thats comfortable and durable right! They also look pretty gnarly. who cares about look but if you spend that much for a boot it better look good. more power to em!

  12. If anyone is looking for a pair of the Nike snowboard boots we have em’. Give us a call at 925-962-7669. We are located in Lafayette CA, but we are willing to ship these bad boys out.They fit amazing, and look just as good. I am the first guy to go against nike as a corporation, but I tip my hat to them for doing an amazing job. Link to our myspace for pics:http://www.myspace.com/m1losport

  13. Does anyone really like Nike for their “expertise”?I see it as a fad of collecting.I feel Vans Burton and DC are more tech than if not even…I mean the groundwork has been set for nike over 20 yrs later entering the snowboard area.I dont care if they fail or success though failure would be nice.I say that because I rather see true companies that have been here before it was time to cash in ….actually cash in.Kids….of course dont care much for anything but cool so alas the Nike heads will jump on the bandwagon even if it was on fire and rolling off a cliff

  14. yo come on!Nike started making boards a long long time ago, they couldn’t make any money out of it, so they stopped. ( everything for the cash, but that’s just how it goes!)Now snowboarding is commercial, so they start again, yeah i know what you’re thinking. But stillIf they did a good research, and have good quality and fitting, why notI think they’re dope!

  15. The September 24th, 5:14PM (it wont let me copy-paste) post is right on the money.I'm pissed off as fuck about this. Okay first of all I'm sure the boots will be good. Nike has enough money to take apart and analyze every boot on the market so R&D won't be a problem. I just hate what this means in snowboarding and for snowboarders.I hate what it means and what it's doing to the snowboard industry. When I apply for a job that keeps me close to snowboarding, im not trying to apply to Nike. The money they make here will not be plugged back into the industry, and riders will not be the ones working for them. Buton DC and others are big, but they grew out of the sport and aren't trying to "break in" if Nike gets big in the sport, snowboard companies who stayed true from day one will get smaller, which is already one solid reason to boycott the boot.As someone here said, they BOUGHT OUT BAUER when they broke into ice skating. Im not trying to have nike start buying up snowboard companies!As for Danny Kass and others, I don't know because I haven't personally talked to any of them about it. I Brought it up to Danny at the Grenade premiere last night (forgetting that he was sponsored by Nike haha), and he didn't say anything. But, honestly, what do you think will happen when a company walks in and starts waving multi-million dollar contracts around to all these pros?Just saying.All I want is for the industry to stay in snowboarders hands. My issue that if successful they will inevitably taking control and jobs from snowboarders, and that is nowhere near the realm of okay.

  16. some people on this thing are soooo retarted. just because everyone else isnt wearing these doesnt mean that you cant. your supposed to have your own style no biting off what the pros are doing. the whole idea is to do your own thing and board not copy the same exact setup that a professional snowboarder has. they have what they have because its most confortable for them. so before you start puttin down nike become a individual already

  17. On a scale of one to ten, your statement makes no sense. What does being pissed at Nike for how they could potentially mess with the spirit of the scene and the dynamics of the industry, have to do with not being an individual?

  18. am i reading posts from the late 90s i mean the shred scenes already pooched so why wouldnt a company like nike get in on all the money making action they had loads of success with nike sb,they look dope and im sure they ride as good as they look

  19. All I can say is check the Danny Kass pro models released in Jan 09. They are dope, and I’m pretty sure if they didn’t ride well, Danny Kass would dump them pretty quick. They got HUGE steeze, sick boots if you ask me, can’t wait to try ’em myself and see if they’re as good as I think they will be.

  20. i have a pair of Nike snowboard boots and they are the most comfortable snowboard boot i have ever worn and a matter a fact they can be molded to your foot like the pros do!!!! i have mine molded to my foot for those who don't think they can be!!!!!!!!!

  21. Nike has done wonders in the skating industry since working for a local skate shop in CT who is backed by nike and if anything the rep and bring more energy into the industries their involved in, all the haters keep hatin, and guess what theres a million other people that will buy them the SB line doesn't need you, they've clearly done A LOT for skateboarding and they will continue to help snowboarding too, they have all those pros and guess what they will sell more then anything

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