Welcome Back EXPN

Monday morning and I have the post shred-aches. Yesterday I ventured out into the East Coast cold for a few hours to ride. I firmly stand by the fact that there is nothing like a small uncrowded resort to remember that snowboarding isn’t X Games, funny names and all other sorts of assorted hipster goofyness.

The X Games this year, to quote the song, were “the same as it ever was”. I wouldn’t say it was boring or lackluster. The coverage of the big air was nice to watch with the “follow cam” and the spotlights. However, it’s not too much of a leap when the statement is made “I’m really looking forward to the Quiksilver Natural Selection event”. This event sounds like it’s going to be one of the better things happening this year. While it might not have the cash and flash of the X Games … that is probably a good thing.

The other item that popped up on the heels of the X games … it looks like ESPN is having another go at a regularly updated action sports site. That’s right the worldwide leader in action sport is dusting the cobwebs off EXPN.com and throwing some type of cash at the operation. EXPN has gone through several iterations even being a magazine at one point in time. This time around the park they have tossed money into the blogosphere and are looking to max out coverage beyond the X Games. I say on thing about this: good. When coverage grows the scene grows. Their blogs are pretty on point for the most part and they do a solid job of keeping tabs on everything swirling around. Welcome back EXPN.

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