The First Ever Ski Post: Rossignols SAS Collection

With all that happens on a regular basis in the world of skate, surf and snow it’s easy for something to fall through the web based cracks that make up the blog-eratti. Sad but true. Now, there are many things people send over that just flat out stink. This is not one of those things but at the same time this is a pretty rampant departure. We are going to talk about art … and skis.

Yes. Skis. Now, before you get in a tizzy about skiing appearing this blog … just relax. Remember the key factor here: it’s my blog. I can do what I want. No matter how misguided the post may seem at first. But, long before Forum started doing snowboard collaborations with L-R-G and waaaaaay before Burton linked up with Kid Robot there were some interesting moves in the skiing world with graphics and art.

K2 used to drop Grateful Dead skis for the masses that are still hounded after on Ebay. With that in mind this season I was excited to see the crew Rossignol taking their two plank aesthetic to a higher level with the SAS Collection. The wunderkind behind the Seven Artistic Sins collection rounded up Andy Howell, Andrew Pommier, Mr. Jago, Squindo, Will Barras, Caia Koopman, and Steve Caballero to place their art on Rossignol skis. Now do any of those names ring a bell? Let me single a few out …

Steve Caballero, ring any bells? Cab of the caballerial, half cab, longtime skater now first time ski artist? Andy Howell? Come on? Andy, the former pro skater (and east coaster) whose graphics later on helped drive New Deal, Element (then underworld element) to new heights? Say what you want about the state of the snowsports industry but this is what I would call a “good move.” The artist have transcended their usual skateboard, snowboard, concert poster, album cover and traditional canvas medium to the margin of space that ski provide.

Bottom line is that this is less about skis and more about art. Do i need to clarify even more? To put it bluntly for several of you out there: two of skatings finest have now officially left their stamp on the ski world along with five other stellar artist. Overall, the creative drive and expression shared by all of the artists behind Rossignols SAS collection is amazing. I’m not saying you have to go out and buy a pair of skis to enjoy it but if you spot one of these on your local mountain, whether it be at the base, peak, park or on the feet of the guy sitting next to you … check them out. After all, good art is something for everybody to appreciate.

All Photos & Video: Credit: Peak Video Productions

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