Skate Wrap for January 18th

This week was weak. Let it be known that the third week of January, 2008 was not so hot for anybody South of the North. Aside from being banged up the influenza is making its’ rounds. Capping it all off is cold weather and soggy snow. Nobody has been skating or shredding. We are in a foggy haze beatin us down with a mental kung fu that assails you. This is similar to the time you rolled up on your favorite five stair rail only to find in nobbed. Flat out sucks I tell you! Enough about our East Coast drudgery.

I’m sure you’ve been following along all week as we sneak peeks out of the 2009 lineup for Burton, Airblaster and Ride Snowboards but lets take a break from the product talk. Time to dip our big toe back into the world of skating with ASR right around the corner it’s always good to do a quick recap. Here we go …

Roster Hopping
So, of course nobody can sleep in one bed for very long and some people are just hopping in the sack for the first time. Yep, lots of sponsor virgins are out there lookin’ for some action. First up … Richie Jackson. Everybodys favorite hippie jump/airwalker/fastplanter has planted his paws in Ipaths. Wow, looks like they are actually trying to put together a team…after cutting loose…their team. Between Burnquist and Jackson we have nothing but a highlight reel…sweet. Maybe Bob will invite Richie over to fast plat the megaramp. Also, out there banging around in new kicks Stereo Sound Agent Tony Silva has some Duffs on his feet. Speaking of Duffs, and a quick non-sequitor, did anybody catch the Hensley interview in Transworld Skateboarding? No? You really need to read it. A little slice of awesome. Finally, Tony Goodall is hopped onboard with York and the Turf crew.

Sights and Sounds
So if you’ve been living in a box then you probably missed these small items from the week. Lets recap so you aren’t in the dark when the coldies get crackin’ on Saturday night. Tim O’Connor got podcasted over on the Mumble Minutes Podcast. Interesting tidbits: Tim never had a job, he used to dig Natas and probably still does, and doesn’t really dig on the whole Sheckler phenom thing. Download the podcast today. Mach schnell! Palace 5ive in DC dropped this piece on Danny Gotimer. I’m more intrigued by the vague pics of the new Elite deck. Is this the work of Mr. Hall? Washingtonian Allen Danze dropped another ABC montage clip not to long ago. Make sure you watch it pronto. You can check in with Allen on a regular basis over here. Then again if we are going to talk about D.C. you need to watch this Darren Harper clip.

Finally, check out Tampa Am this weekend you will definitely see the next best thing. If you’re down in Ybor, well…I hate you. enjoy the Hold Steady show. Good luck to everybody skating in the Tampa Am. everybody …be safe. Schaefer, don’t try the lopp

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