Sunday Morning Skate Stuff Before Going Skating

Return of the wallride
Wallride Catalog is back for those of you who can’t wait one minute more. But all bad CIV songs aside this is always a solid treat to have fall onto the laptop come Sunday morning. The minds behind Girl, Chocolate, fourstar, Royal, Skatemental and Crailtap are some of the most creative around. The Graphics never disappoint the skaters, cynics and shitbirds who like to tear apart everything skateboarding online. Somehow these guys tend to please 98% of the skateboard buying masses and really the just don’t give a fuck about the other 2%.
Just Oates baby, Just Oates
Templeton does a damn fine job of surfacing these priceless gems. I mean nothing puts the ass in class like skate video set to the blue eyed soul of Hall and Oates. I give you Hallin’ Ass 2 Hall and Oates. It’s either a work of staggering genius or one bored as fuck guy in Seattle you be the judge. Craptacular music from ‘Family Ties’ Season one (admit you wanted Mallory) aside I still to the best damn tribute band in the land … Just Oates.

Bummer High Man
Now that Ethan is off doing Beloe the board company Bummer High is getting ramped up as well. Look forward to seeing more of this stuff. I’m sure post ASR the site will open up or something some such or other.

Get Well Soon Danny Renaud
Straight from BK at
“News and rumors about this heavy and unfortunate incident have been spreading all over the web for the past few hours. Sources close to us confirm that Stereo pro Danny Renaud has indeed miraculously survived a nine story fall from a building yesterday. He’s out of surgery with two broken legs, a punctured lung and ruptured a kidney. Danny’s VERY lucky to be alive.”

Heal up Danny aka Stereo Sound Agent 305 and get well soon. We’ll keep you in our thoughts. until your back out skating. Show some Support for Danny and leave him a get well soon message here.

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