"Dude This is Pretty F*cked up Right Here"

I remember the first time I saw Santa Clause Take on Jesus Christ in a death match. it was way back in 1998 or 1997 before South Park was big commercial hit and this 5 minute cartoon was making the rounds on the internet. The best line is clearly when Stan, I think it was Stan says mid holiday themed battle royal: “That’s some fucked up shit right there.” Since that day it has become a great to phrase for all things just flat out wrong but mildly amusing and man did it get put to the test last night.

After getting my ass chewed out on a conference call, or what felt like an ass chewing … at minimum there were teeth marks take my word…not pretty. I digress, as I was working my way through the interwebs what should happen but an e-mail popped up asking me if I had seen this.

I understand trying to earn a few bucks on the side. I also understand trying to save a few bucks but lets talk about why this is wrong. Shop employees bust their ass all winter so they can earn a hook up like this. Selling it online means Burton will eventually put up tighter restrictions and then the people who earn these perks won’t be able to get them anymore. So, whoever posted that on Ebay here my message to you:

Dear Douchebag,
I saw your Ebay listing of a Burton proform. Thanks asshole for blowing it for everybody else. If you need money that bad why don’t you try and go the legit route instead of screwing u pa good thing for all of us? I hope you drop a cup of hot coffee on your crotch.
P.S. You Suck

There, that wasn’t too juvenile was it? Whatever, I feel better. Send that guy a note and tell him how much he blows. If Burton is wise they’ll buy out the auction and then go after him. Nothing like a little vindictive behavior on Friday morning. Skate wrap to follow this evening or Saturday. Till then enjoy the original South Park cartoon:

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