Nike SB for January 2008 & Vid-Yo

Lets start the day off easy like Sunday morning even though it’s a Wednesday. Here’s this weeks video blog where I crank up The Clash and show off the intersection of Rock, Roll and Nike SB.

Catch Up with the South of the North video blog that appears on Fuel.TV

Moving along! A new month and a new Nike SB drop! This is a pretty big month actually with five new stles rolling out. No site of the Zoom Tre A.D. As of yet but word is it’s coming in the first few weeks. For those of you not familiar the Zoom Tre A.D. is an updated Tre but with what appears to be some of the e-cue thrown in for good measure. The Z.T.A.D definitely has a more technical line to it and will moves back along the lines of keeping skate kicks nice and light.

That’s not to say the Zoom Tre A.D. doesn’t have its’ detractors and of course it proves the best feedback always comes from those don’t really look at the big picture. A few conversations that have flared up around the shoe include the “it looks too much like a basketball shoe.” That one is my personal favorite. OK, a quick recap: Nike SB is based on what? That’s right it’s based on the dunk. The dunk started out as what? That’s right: a basketball shoe … Imagine that.

Welcome to the evolution of skate shoes. Look at it this way consider yourself lucky; you’ve got a front row seat. I’ll get off my soapbox. Here’s whats dropping in January.

Abington in Black
The Dunk low aka the Gibson. For those of you that don’t know when you buy a high end Gibson/Les Paul you get a fancy leather case with pink trim on the inside. So there you go.

Zoom Tre, If I’ m not mistaken this royal colorway is from the Four Guardians pack.

Blazer, this is the “trucks” shoe from the skateboard series. Not sure, this might be done with Independent.

Finally, a P-Rod II with a salt n pepper asphalt styling

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