The First Skate Wrap of ’08

I tell you 2008 is so different from 2007 it’s insane! Wait a minute. Hold it, no that’s just a enchilada I had for dinner talking back to me. Actually, there is no difference at all! Aside from the calendar year ticking over we are all still skating and riding merrily along. So lets get into some good stuff, eh?

DGK ALL DAY in the Nations Capital

Stevie Williams is bringing the DGK Team to Washington D.C. for a weekend of skating, signings and everything in between. Check the flyers and stat hustlin’ out to the demos. You will be kicking yourself in the ass if if you miss out on this! Saturday it goes down at Elite Boardshop. Sunday, Bridge Spot is on point for another demo. DGK, Elite, Red Bull they are all making this happen. Come out and embrace the true power of street skating. D.C. will be holding its’ own with Darren Harper plus other locals killing it. See you there.

Snaking in Lincoln City: Approved
Good times are always to be found in the Skateboard paradise of Oregon and none are more bountiful than in Lincoln City. See there’s even video to prove it:

But, now the good times are about to incrase exponentially. Apparently, as reported by Skate and Annoy, the upper and lower parks are in the process of being connected by a snake run. This isn’t some pump and wiggle run either. Nope, from the pictures found on Earth Patrol Media this is more balls to to the wall banked bombing fun. Check it and start booking your tickets to the great North West. Dreamland has once again gone the route of: “We will build it. You figure out how to ride it.” You have got to love that.

… and now a word from Death Skateboards
I was a fan of Patrick Melcher’s part from Label’s ‘Black Out’ video. The skating was quick clean and had a little bit of the Windy City nasty thrown in for good measure. several years and a few dozen tricks later Melcher is still fun to watch. Check his most recent clip from Death Skateboards.

here’s the black out clip for good measure. Isn’t nice to know that some of the more colorful characters in skating still put out good video parts? Both of these clips are solid.

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