’08 or Die!

Even a mere 48 hours into the New Year it’s not too late for cranking out resolutions. This is also known as the “I might still be recovering from celebrating too much” blog post. But, my slackass-ness aside lets look at a few things that will be done more in 2008.

More Street Skating!
OK, I like concrete skateparks as much as the next guy. But just under a year ago I was in the offices of 411VM and had the questioned thrown at me: “So what are you skating these days?” It was friendly conversation and certainly not meant to dig any deeper than a “I skate, you skate, what are you skating” kind of way. But, damn it was a loaded question. I had to be honest…I was only skating transition. Cruising, mellow runs, blah blah, blah. I walked away from that conversation feeling like I was one hemp necklace, a pair of flip flops and a longboard short of being lame. I woke up Tuesday morning and cracked a few ollies, brought the boneless back out several times and might have tried a few no complies. I have a ways to go to bring back my street skating but that’s what it’s going to be this year. Gotta bring back all my street skating in 2008.

Paddle Out
Nothing hurts more than hearing your lady say “you really don’t do (insert various activity anymore) do you?” This past November my gal dropped the “You don’t really surf anymore do you” When you have no response (like I did) it’s time to suck it up and start driving to the shore. I know I enjoy it enough and the excuses are just that… an excuse.

Hit the Road Jack
At the end of 2007 I took a road trip. I can’t remember having such a good time. Making plans to go snowbroing and talking about skating in the spring. This year it will be about packing up the family friends and experiencing new places and people. Naturally, all should be done with skateboard, snowboard or surfboard in hand.

So that’s 2008 in a nutshell. Pretty simple stuff if you think of all the other crap a person can put down. However, I’m not going to resolve to make more money or try to be cooler than the next guy. No, the only theme in the resolutions above is to have more fun. Well, that and to take my dog for more walks. I really need to get on that last one.

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