What Was Good About 2007 Anyways?

Wait, the year can’t be over yet. I was just getting the hang of 2007. I mean, c’mon do you really want it to be over? We were just getting the ’07 good to go! Ah well, c’est la vie. I lose years faster than old skate spots are dying out. Well, this will be the last post for 2007 so I might as well get into what was good and everything else that wasn’t.

With the launch of South of the North I got to see some pretty cool stuff up close. Here’s a few things I was really digging from 2007.

From the World of Skateboarding …

So Ballard and Salman Agah are at the helm of this little monster. The book is visual and lets leave it at that. The same way that watching somebody skate triumphs infinetly over somebody writing about skating. The visual medium Ballard assembled is amazing and latches onto the principle that you must bear witness to the experience in order to be a part of the experience.

I have no shortage of guests hanging around during the holidays and everybody picks up Skatebook. Everybody loves it and to be honest, they should. Photos and art that cover it all from Koston, to Schaaf, to Way, Jason Adams, Hosoi, Barletta and more.

Get your hands on a copy of this if you can. Keep it warm and safe no matter how many time you dog ear he pages and run them ragged. Books like this are thing to cherish. My personal favorite is a toss up the stellar chapter on beer that the Thrasher recapus. Click on over to Skatebook.tv for more information.

The Vans Pro Tec Pool Party
Several years ago was when I first started feeling my age. I had just turned 31 and after a night of street skating in D.C. I woke up feeling like crap. The next day I started skating a friends bowl. I got hooked on roundwall. After watching web coverage of the Pool Party for a couple of years on the web I made the journey west to hang out and witness it first hand. I was in shock. I was in awe. After sitting through the X Games, the Dew Tour, the Gravity Games and god knows what else…here was contest where the bowl guys could open up. The thing is …it wasn’t just the bowl guys. Street skaters, all terrain rippers, vert skaters everybody was attacking the combi with a passion I rarely see in most contests.

Simply put: Vans puts on an amazing event. It’s not about who wins (although they do cut a nice check)the level of skating that takes place eclipses the “gold medal” factor of the X Games. If you can go in 2008, go.

Fall of the Videos
Fully Flared. Nothing But the Truth. The Beginning. Feed the Need. Now, come on you have to admit it’s been awhile since we had a banner year for skate movies. The movies that dropped at the end of the year set the bar a little higher. While skateboarding is purely individual there must be some level of progression that is fueled by ego. You have to wonder if everybody working on ‘Extremely Sorry’ is thinking. Maybe it doesn’t affect them at all. Then again, maybe it does.

Some Randoms …

Shaun White Getting Arrested
Come on. Admit it, this was fucking awesome. If for nothing else it reminds us that he’s still only a 20 something and gets a little rowdy.

Jake Brown Living
Yeah, I still think back to that night. I jumped out of my seat in shock. I can only imagine what Jake was thinking. I’m sure: “Holyshitfucknononononoidontwantodie” is a safe bet. Ah Well, JB lived to skate another day and got back on the board in Dubai. Hopefully he charged ESPN an appearance fee for all the money they milked off his fall. Glad Jake is still with us. Sorry he had to experience Larry King.

Vital’s Grill Sessions
OK, are you not watching these? Why not? Good god that is some damn good video. Nice pull from Shad Lambert on getting these together the latest episodes with Clint Peterson are outstanding. Plus, it goes to illustrate that one mans shithole warehouse is another skater/artists dream destination. Actually, I would pretty much break a few fingers to have a ramp like that on hand.

Epicly More Video on the Web
Yeah I can’t leave out Epicly Later’d. Although the 17 Part Wild Ride Episodes was a bit much. Kind of like Homer’s ‘The Odyssey” with Justin Regan as Odysseus. I’m still waiting on the Cardiel Episode. Fuck it. Patrick is doing his thing and doing it well. Good stuff.

Donde Esta Soul?
Sure, I am the only person left standing who has not seen “The Man Who Souled the World”
The most anticipated movie of 2007 (for me) is about to become the most anticipated movie of 2008.

I’m sure there are many more so we will leave this as blog post in progress for now.

A quick note… Since I’m not on the West Coast (and just keep this chatter going to preserve my own sanity) it’s only fair to mention the South of the North lens is a little different than most. We aren’t part of the skate-surf-snow industry really. From my little outpost in the confines of the Washington D.C. beltway I just tap out a stream of consciousness with my only guiding principle is that skating, snowboarding and surfing are things of beauty. Standing sideways on a board in a variety of terrain I can’t think of anything better. Spending time with my family not withstanding. Everyday I get to skate, ride and write is a great day.

That’s a wrap on 2007. I can’t wait to get 2008 rolling and maybe, just maybe, I’ll finally get to see that fucking Rocco movie.

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