The Final Skate Wrap for 2007

OK, writing a snowboard trip recapus might not have been the best way to start my day considering it was 3 AM. Seriously, trying to remember what you did a week ago on a few hours sleep isn’t good for anybody. But, enough about my poor sleeping habits. We’re shifting back to the norm and that means a weekly skate wrap.

Vans Gabba Gabba Hey
Having grown up on a steady diet of New York City exports a deep love for the Ramones is easily defined. The images of Vans’ Johnny Ramone pack snuck out onto the website this past week. When I was walking around Van’s booth at ASR the Johnny Ramone pack was displayed proudly in the center and stopped me square in my tracks. An shrill echo of “1,2,3,4!!!” rang in the middle of my brain and I stood for a minute taking it all in. I’m looking forward to this hitting the shelves. Yeah, I like the Ramones and Vans that damn much. This is like chocolate and peanut butter

Speaking of Vans, Johnny Layton gets all sorts of a “day in the Life” treatment with the latest installment from Active. Haney does a good job with this and the crew at Active has the right idea keeping you looped in on their team riders.

If You Can’t Say Anything Nice…So, Terry and Jereme are hanging out taking questions and talking about their first sponsors. Jereme decides to talk some shit on Girl skateboards. Mom always said “if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.” Seems like useful advice to me. Myabe his agent can pick up the pieces here.

Big Mike Tribute
OK, sad story – the short version. There was a guy named Big Mike. He was 110% down for skating and passed away on road trip with his family. He was skating all the local spots he could find. During one stop, he and his brother collided in the park. Big Mike was wearing a helmet but he impacted head to ground in just the right place that it quickly led to his passing.

One of Big Mikes friends has pulled together a tribute deck to Big Mike. With help from Jim T and deluxe and real skateboards these tribute boards will be available in January. If you need some new wood hook one of these up. All proceeds go to a fund for Big Mikes wife and children who survive him.

Small Time Skate Shop Will have the hook up on these coming soon.

Return of Richie
Richie Jackson is back with another part full of airwalks, hippy jumps and stuff. I really dug his first video. This, not so sure anymore…. Watch Richie Jackson on

Random Roster Hop
Now that Bueno is no mas is Shiloh Greathouse on Forest skateboards?

Pitcrew has surfaced a bonus section from their latest video ‘Feels Like the First Time’ hitting shelves in January 2008. Enjoy.

Do You Know the Way to San Jose?
Finally, the Concrete Disciples ventured to San Jose for a secret park sampling. Yeah, just another reason to visit California more often. Click here and stop back when you are done picking your jaw up off the ground.

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