Shaun White Meets "The Man"

I don’t know what’s better that fact that Shaun White jumped in the Grand Prix out at Breck during the 11th hour or that he allegedly got a little hammer time in the post-victory celebration and subsequently…busted.

First up, lets gaze upon the signs of a great rider. The red headed wunderkind decides to show up, and kill the pipe without too much of a prelude to snowboard season. Reminds me a little of Terje dropping in switch at the Baker Banked slalom and we all know how that ended. Amazing no doubt. Then White may or may not have been partying a little too hard and gets rowdy. OK, back to the Shaun Palmer days of rowdy partying.

Basically, I don’t care what he did or did not do. The guy is acting like a 21 year old who was holding it down and partying on. Nobody got hurt and Shaun White will ride on. Let’s all remember one thing: These men and women are snowboarders. The live for the ever so gratifying moment of landing a trick after hucking their bodies through the air tens of dozens of feet. That’s gotta be a hard thing to come down from. Also, sometimes you gotta keep the party going. Nice one Shaun. Now Terje would have won but Palmer wouldn’t have been caught.

Strike that. Palmer would have flipped off the judge while guzzling sapporo been caught but he would have kept the party going after posting bail.

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