Mile High and Rising: Intermission

At some point I realized …”I haven’t blogged in almost a week!?!?!” To be honest, I shocked myself. There I was in awe of all that Aspen has to offer and I was thinking about blogging. That’s probably a sign for an intervention. But, I digress… the trip is winding down so it is time to begin briefing you all on what went down and where. First lets get into a quick little feel good “awe shucks” reflection.

Who doesn’t love a good ‘A-Team’ moment? I think everybody does. Especially when you can look back and say “I love it when a plan comes together.” Lucky for me this trip out West to get in some snowboarding came together just fine. With the exception of the riding crew getting into the firewater a bit too much last night … all went well. Yeah, there’s nothing like having some drunk guy wake you up at 2 AM to high five you. More on that later…back to the words.

This trip was a bit overdue and much welcomed. You can only write about snowboarding, skating, and action sports in general before you begin to lose your connection to it at some level. Talking and writing vs. doing and creating is a weird line to walk. However, it’s a weird line that is equally fun. So, it’s back into the blog. Back to the writing and back to D.C. later today.

We’re going to grab some turns at Buttermilk this morning and then hit the road. The daily adventures will roll out on Thursday morning so, that’s about that. See you all on the East Coast tomorrow.

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