Mile High and Rising: Part Three

“I should really take a picture of this.”
– Mathew Brady
Gettysburg, PA July 1 1863

Capturing the images of your adventures is always a slippery slope. get that? The whole slippery slope thing? Yeah, pun intended. However, it’s true for the most part. Getting shots of snowboarding while trying to enjoy your riding is damn hard unless your name is either “Blotto” or “Curtes”. When push comes to shove you have to decide why you are out there. is it to document the experience or live the experience? Why bother even raising these questions well lets go to an e-mail I received from Mr. Bane not to long ago:

“Unrelated: Do you have one of those tiny tech video cameras of some kind? It seems to me our tour demands some documentation: The very mention from your mouth of intending to do some Berts and celebratory Methods made me think of it. We’re going to need that on record, for sure. Ditto for my signature tailgrab you were so impressed by once: The world must know.”

The world must know what? That I have two tricks in my bag in my decrepit old age? For the record Colin’s tailgrabs are so freaking tweaked it’s like Jeff Brushie without knee caps and cartilage. Pretty sick if I may compliment him myself. As for me, nobody really needs to see that. But then i started thinking why not have fun. I mean we are going to end up screwing around. Why not grab a little video. Throw some berts and get upside down once or twice in shred tube. God forbid we have a powder because then it will just be crater central. Documented for scientific reasons of course….

So here’s the lesson learned in this hand typed verbal diarrhea marathon. Are you ready?? I’ll only get preachy once on this topic. Here we go: Not every shot has to be perfect, nor every run must be perfect. Sometimes, the images of your journeys need to opportunity to formulate and come to life in their own right. You can make the direct correlation to riding in terms of style and skill if you have to. Now, that of course is the PhD version of saying “some things have to be done for nothing more than the ‘sake of doing’ .”

Bottom line is this, for all my brethren weekend two day a week shred all-stars What happens from when you press record is secondary. What you want snowboarding to be is the most important thing.
Fun seems like a good place to start …

Time to take some tips from Travis Parker

Next up … Do you hear what I hear? or Straight edge punk rocker and me in car for four days…who will survive?

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