Mile High and Rising: Part Two

“A new week is upon us and more adventure awaits in the days to come….”

As a grom back in my younger days I used to love those choose your own adventure books. One could even make the case as to that is why I found skating, snowboarding and action sports in general. From the first day you put your feet on a board, strap into bindings or paddle out the world is your oyster. Today marked a brief 30 minutes of freedom in my schedule where I could begin plotting my adventure for next week in Colorado. This was the day I had to drag out the gear boxes and start getting ready.

Moving aside from the usual gripping horror of obsessive compulsive disorder for 13 minutes , I can say this, for once everything was just where I had left it. Why am I packing almost a full week in advance? Well, glad you asked that very question. I am travelling all this week and when I get back to good old Washington D.C. I’m here for 18 hours before heading West. So, today is my only day to pack it up and move it out.. Let’s do this! Better yet… lets embark on a brief photo essay with the help of Mrs. South of the North 1972 behind the lens.

First up, I needed a little entertainment. Naturally Fuel TV’s coverage of the arctic challenge was enjoyable. Damn, that Jim Rippey is a good narrator.

What will the quiver selection be for this go around? Malolo and T6 perhaps with the Co2 binder? Yes, thank you very much! Ah, delicious!

Mr. Danny dropped off a grip of diecuts! Check out Danny for all your sign and sticker needs

Ah, boots time to break them in all over again. This go around it’s all about the Vans BFB boot. Heck yes, this boot is sick.

Actually the BFP and BFJ are in effect as well. It’s the best freaking kit this year. Giddyup! If it works for Mandreas it will work for me! (barring he rips and I …well I don’t.)

After all main gear was pulled and packed everything else got tossed in the bag with excitement. I sat and watched Terje bust out a 32 foot air on Fuel and smiled knowing the whole season is waiting for me. The adventure of my choosing is coming soon. Six days and counting. When those plane wheels touch down Mr. Bane and I will follow the snow and the miles of smiles will ensue.

Next up … getting the media maxed out and dialed in. Ain’t no half stepping so we can document this whole debacle.

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