Wrappin’ Up the Week: A Work in Progress

Ahhhh the end of he week and the beginning of the weekend, it’s a beautiful thing isn’t it? After jamming all week the time has come to cut loose skate, rip, ride and let your freak flag fly. All in all I have to say it’s good to be alive. While most holiday season are a continued downward spiral into the inevitable awkward holiday party and always over hyped New Years Eve throw down this year is yielding interesting returns. lets dig into them before somebody comes along and decides to eff it all up.

Not Just another Nike SB Update…
First up the homies at Nike SB began dropping their December releases. Ordinarily, this isn’t a big deal. Nike shoe drops happen every month. This month though we see a few extra special drops including one I have had my eye on for some time. That’s right the “Joe Strummer” dunk low. technically the colorway is described as black/metallic silver but, as we blogged about earlier this year, this is apparently an homage to none other than the punk rock warlord himself : Joe Strummer.

Nike SB Dunk Low
Check out the Hypebeast before and after shots

Backing up the new dunk is the blazer low and several others. You can check out Hypebeast for the full update.
Nike SB Blazer Low

New to the East Coast
While you may be scrambling looking for these kicks let me tip you off. There’s a newer shop on the scene over here on the East Coast. Our longtime friends have struck out on their own after bowing out of the rep game. that’s right the boys from Arrival Boardshop are now a Nike SB dealer. First up, even if they weren’t there’s nothing better than buying and supporting a true skater/rider owned and operator store. The masses in the North east and points beyond need to check these guys out. Arrival Boardshop has it all on lock.

And now for something completely different ….
Not available at stores yet but making the interweb rounds…a Do we have the Jordan/P-Rod II high? Quake patterns, Jordan style, and P-Rod steez …oh my.

Let’s Talk About Tim

Really it’s not good to talk about people behind their back but really since we are only saying good things it won’t hurt. Plus we better actually talk about skating up in this blog and quit be the god damn fashion police. So, thanks to Keir at 48blocks.com, we get a interview with Tim Gavin that falls upon our inbox. What never ceases to amaze me is the continued transition from respected pro to industry. Check out his interview.

The block also dug up this vid on the youtubes of Henry and Tim to jog your memory.

Independent Trucks North West Tour Vid-yo!

The end of Epicly’s Wild Ride

The “What the Fuck” Blog Post of the Week

Not quite sure what happened over there in Seattle but a blog popped up in the google alert and it provided enough unintentional comedy that I laughed through Thursday on its’ merit alone. Here we go …
“As far as I’m concerned Johnny Miller is the future of snowboarding. His style is singular. He’s laid back, yet on target every time he sets board to snow…”

That’s about as far as I got before I started laughing. The writer goes on to slam Shaun White and be plenty witty about snowboarding. Watch the video for yourself and then join back up with me afterwards…

OK, did anybody get the same douche-chill running up their spine like when you first watched that kid from the Hollarado video? yes? No? I digress… First up you have to, if you read the blog, give them props for the correct use of Tyrolean madman. But, on the flip side the statement “Johnny is progressing the sport faster than anybody else”. Where the fuck did
that come from?

I’m not hating on Miller. The kid definitely has talent and is working it. But, uh seriously, just because the new jack is wearing tie dye and rocking funny hats doesn’t necessarily equate to progressing the sport. Neither are hippie jumps sans bindings. Actually to be honest here (while we are on the topic) progression in snowboarding and skateboarding happens in massive leaps and bounds such as the ollie, or when riders like Terje come along or Koston.
Not by bringing a fashion sense from a decade whose lasting influence to this day is tie dye t-shirts.

The breed of skaters and riders who progress are those who view the world through a
different lens This small group of talented individuals doesn’t understand how things can’t be accomplished. They are mentally wired for success and they spawn innovation by opening the eyes wider of those who surround them. The previously impossible becomes attainable. I’m pretty sure most everything we see in that vid already happened in Summit County Colorado during a time called the 1990’s is unique in its’ of way. However, lets remember how far snowboarding has come before we start handing out trophies that haven’t been earned just yet.

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