Das Skate Week in Review

SOTY Announcement
Sweet Jeebus, we got ourselves a SOTY! Thrasher dropped the word yesterday that Marc Johnson will be receiving their Skater of the Year nod. Congrats to Marc and only six more days until we can finally catch your part in ‘Fully Flared’. After hearing all the rumors about his part and additional footage I’m guessing this honor the SOTY title was an easy nod. Right on Marc and congrats!

Behind the Lens Again

Brian Lotti’s ‘First & Hope’ was one of the few DVD’s where the medium and format took center stage as a canvas. The skating was amazing but I thought Lotti’s vision was solid. I’m really excited to see what he turns around with ‘Free Pegasus’

speaking of new vids here are two more to peep:
Mike York and Turf Skateboards are unleashing Turf’s Up!

Four years in the making? Damn better be a good DVD… no pressure there. Check out the trailer for a good idea of what Scummish activity is all about. Starring: Josh Campos, Alec Beck, Jake Eames, Justin Cefai, Ray Maldonado, and Friends

Midrecap Recap
Cardiel is going to be on Epicly Later’d
Shaun white is kinda-sorta liek that kid from ‘Mask’
Skatebook Party tonight. Be there!

Hubba Wheels is Funnier Than Your Skate Company
… It’s official.

OK, can Skate Park of Tampa do no wrong in the wonderful life they lead? We all know SPoT gives back 10 times what they take out of skating so it’s cool to see something fun happen for them once in awhile. The guy who handles their human resource info was demo’ing a pool for rebuild he actually invited them over to skate it. That’s pretty fuckin’ rad. Video of the session after the jump.

Roster Hops
In the world of roster hoping Ipath continues to clean house. Matt Field and Bigfoot get the big boot from Timberland. No word yet on if they’ll land anywhere. If you caught Ragdoll’s “set the record straight” interview in Transworld Skateboarding you’ll see he gives the official nod to now being on Crimson skateboards. Second chances are awesome. Third chances are even better.

Finally, God Speed Evel Knievil. God Speed.

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