Party Out East and Party Out West!!!

I do love me a good party. Now, I may not get to all the “cool guy” events and see the latest “skart” installations. But, I know what is worth showing my face at so I can enjoy a watered down drink and hang with friends. So if I had unlimited frequent flier miles these events would be at the top of my list.

First up, way out west, we’ve got the launch of SkateBook. So if you can pry yourself away from playing Guitar Hero III for fifteen minutes I recommend going down to the Flying Elephant Pub (Hensley’s joint) on December 1st for the kick off. If you don’t know what SkateBook is, it’s the latest creation of Michael Ballard. Now if you don’t know Ballard go to the party and introduce yourself. He’ll be glad you showed up. Maybe. I don’t know. I do know Christian Hosoi and Danny Way will be on hand to sign inaugural copies of SkateBook. The images and tales will be worth the price of admission alone. Tack on getting to hang out with living legends as an added bonus or something like that…

Meanwhile, over on the East Coast where we’ve no entered into our third week of cold and miserable weather the boys at Teton Gravity Research are giving us something to smile about. You see it turns out Dash Long, one the skiers in their latest film ‘Lost&Found’, will be on hand Friday night to rep his outerwear sponsor. That sponsor would be Baltimore’s own … Under Armour.

OK, that’s all nice and great. here’s the best part. The party is going down at Little Havana. Now if you haven’t been to a party in Baltimore I recommend going. It’s an experience to say the least and having a waterfront Cuban joint as the host makes it all that much better. I doubt you’ll see any $200 collab sneakers or $400 denim pieces. I will guarantee you lots of Natty Boh shirts and people who are so down for skiing and snowboarding that they bleed love for the snow. That’s just the way they live and it’s a beautiful thing.

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