Slappy Thanksgiving

Slappy Thanksgiving everybody out there. It’s been a busy week here in D.C. The weather is doing a steady ping pong between:”it might snow” and “it’s going to be 70 degrees and sunny”. So until the big dump occurs, and we are talking about snow not what you aunt Irene will be doing in the can after today’s feast, it’s still game on with skating. A few quick things

– Colin Bane over at has assembled a Turkey TV Guide to get you through the weekend. Check it out. Happy Thanksgiving Colin, enjoy your Tofurkey.

– ‘Fully Flared’ is still on everybody’s head after last Friday’s premiere. Thrasher’s Burnout has photos and so does the crew over on Vital Skate. Straight from the Skateboard Mag and SGV we get a nice installment of ‘What are you Wearing? Best Line comes from Koston himself: “Whatever, I’m corporate.” Classic.

– Speaking of Eric Koston and throwing in a little Steve Berra. The Berrics are coming.

– Omar’s head is fine. Thanks for asking.

– MTV2 will be running Epicly Later’d this weekend. The episodes running at Spanky, Braydon and Alex Olson.

And of course finally…. Slappy Thanksgiving.

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