Fully Flared Premier

No, I didn’t go to the Fully Flared premiere. To be perfectly clear I’m pretty sure Lakai doesn’t know I exist. Thus, no invite. In Haiku form it would be like this:

Big movie theater.
Fully Flared arrives tonight.

The diaper needs changing.

Sit on the East Coast
The Chief D G K All Day?
Now get Fully Flared.

Yep, that’s some regular Sylvia Plath stuff there.OK we all have a few days to wait before this video start circulating so lets go straight to the internets. On with the bloggers…

Rob Brink has a solid little write up and some footage from Daewon in the Deca days. Trust me, read, watch and it will all make sense. READ ON…

Rob also scores the funny photo of the day.
Photo courtesy Robbrink.com

Everyone’s favorite relocated Washington D.C. skate Chris Hall Checks in on the party from his new blog. READ ON
Photo Courtesy: hallchris.blogspot.com

Photo Courtesy: hallchris.blogspot.com

Good old fashioned magazine coverage brings up the rear (that’s what she said) with their fancy interviews and slide shows. Thankfully skate magazines are backing the internet since we only have about 12 trees left to chop down and mill into paper.

Transworld Skateboarding was on it last week posting an interview with ‘Fully Flared’ director, Ty Evans. TW managed to get themselves to the big show and have a bunch of photos to prove it. That’s right photographic proof that the premiere actually took place. Finally, if you are in more in a reading mood and you don’t mind spoiling the surprise…here you go.

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