Wrapping Up The Week

Finally Friday! Actually, it’s Saturday. No, I haven’t been slacking just very busy. Busy doing what? Working, working real hard for the man I tell you! Well, that’s not really true either. OK, I was traveling. I didn’t have a laptop. Even bloggers need a break. Especially us South of the North hacks. Enough about us lets talk about everything else that is skateboarding.

Wha’ Happen?
Key-rist Friday was a busy night. 5Boro was busy saving a bowl in NYC, Nixon was getting their art mosh on and finally… Fully Flared premiered. Of course I was on a plane back from Denver. If anybody knows how it went down hit me up. I’m dying to know. For those of you just tuning in Fully Flared is the first full length video from the Lakai Limited Footwear team. The video hits shelves on December 7th but select cities have showings before then. Check out the dates on Lakai.com.

Corey Duffel X Roxky Erickson Collab Deck
Foundation and Corey Duffel are putting out collaboration deck with Roky Erickson. A quick history lesson here: hailing from Texas, Erickson was one of the pioneers in the early psychedelic rock movement. Over the years Roky has had mental health issues – allegedly augmented by “part by ill-advised shock therapy and incarceration in a Texas mental hospital”

All proceeds from this deck go to the Roger Kynard Erickson Trust.

Random Updates
Again, the “internets” does a real good job at hitting the “random” button when I need it to. The first nugget that dropped into my mailbox this week was this story about skating as an alternative work out. While this may be a “thanks for the news flash moment” because we all know you don’t see too many overweight- heart disease prone die heard skaters. I do appreciate seeing some main stream coverage on skating whose focus isn’t
1. An injury sustained due to lack of a helmet.
2. A local ban on skateboarding.
3. County commissioners fighting their towns’ skatepark initiative. (which is some real Boss Hogg Bullshit)

Next up is the fair and balanced news coming out of the Fox TV affiliate. Apparently Tony Hawk is now a pro surfer. Not really, but that’s what this report said. That’s what I love about skateboarding. I get older and mainstream media remains in the realm of “I have no clue” when talking about action sports.

Let’s be honest. It’s getting to the point where if you aren’t checking out 48Blocks.com by now you are probably never going to. But, at the same time you should at least check out the ‘Censorship is weak as F**K’ event.

Bob Meet Bigfoot, Bigfoot Meet Bob
Finally, Bob Burnquist has stepped out of Hurley footwear and is on IPath. This isn’t really news to anybody but I guess Timberlands boot money can buy a few big name skaters. What’s interesting are the cuts the IPath has made since being bought out (or invested in pending who you speak with) a few years ago. Personally, I wonder how long they will keep Fred Gall on the team or if this new era of Ipath is a strong push from them for the jersey devil.

Ah well Congrats Bob on you new gnar boots.

IPATH is pleased to announce that Bob Burnquist is the latest addition to the team. Bob’s unique approach to skateboarding makes him a solid fit for the expanding IPATH crew.

From innovating every time he steps on a skateboard, to his own legendary backyard park and mega-ramp to organic farming, Bob follows his own unique path in every aspect of his life.

“Bob is a perfect fit for the IPATH team and we’re stoked to have him onboard,” stated IPATH’s president Brian Krauss. “Bob’s distinctive approach to skating and the decisions he makes on a personal level mesh perfectly with IPATH’s vision. Our entire team is made up of unique individuals and the addition of Bob to the crew only enforces that.”

Despite turning pro in Brazil when he was 14, he was a relative unknown in the US until he won the prestigious Slam City Jam, stunning the crowd with his technical switch skating. This then catapulted his skateboarding to numerous other successes, including: Thrasher’s coveted Skater Of The Year crown and multiple X-Games medals. However, his contest wins only compliment his deep bag of trick innovations and other skateboarding firsts.

Bob is currently hard at work filming for the long-awaited Flip Skateboards video ‘Extremely Sorry’, due out spring 2008. Watch for more from Bob online at http://www.ipath.com

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