Never Forget and Never Stop

Today is Veterans Day. This is the day we thank those who have served in the Armed Forces past and present. Whatever your feelings are about the current administration or our current military industrial compely put them aside for a moment. Today we thank all those who have served and are serving for the sacrifices they have made. These men and women leave behind, homes, families, their country for periods of time to go and do their jobs which ultimately is for all of us. Some sacrifice more others endure minor hardships but today is their day. so, thank you for all you have done.

There is a current crop of service men and women coming home with injuries that will take years to recuperate from. Organizations like The Wounded Warrior provide support help and assistance for the injured and their families. Additionally, an injury should never stop you from living your life. Both the Adaptive Action Sports and Amped Riders are proof positive of that. If, you know an injured vet please pass them on to those links and perhaps they’ll get plugged into something new.

The pics below are courtesy of Adaptive Action Sports. The guy on the ramp as you all know is John Comer, professional skater. Jon has been killing it ever since he was in an acciden as akid. he continues to amaze and inspire to this day.

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