… And Now a Word From Somebody Who Isn’t Our Sponsor

Straight from the desk of things that make we want to vomit in my mouth” we have this video.

First off: looks pretty staged but then again who knows and more over who cares. next thing I have a big issue with is the slide saying “Respect, you’ve got to earn it” Right, thanks for the newsflash whoever is the ad genius that came up with this campaign.

Lets quickly dip our toe into the world of advertising. I’ll approach this from a consumer perspective so I can paint a very vivid picture for all you numbnuts in the cheap seats who are selling us crap like Sprite Zero. If you are going to use action sports to sell us on an energy drink that will wake us up, or perhaps helps us get a little pep in our step because we’ve been out skating all night but still have to show up for work at 8AM like very other working joe, that’s fine. I guess it’s a necessary evil at certain times. But, I’ll stick to espresso for the most part

However, to try and draw a correlation in terms of “respect” from some shitty mocked up user generated content video and Sprite Zero? Fuck you. You want respect? Buy into action sports instead of whoring it out. Sponsor a contest, get involved for fucks sake … do something! Honestly, you think you can legitimately string together a sentence about respect when you are schilling products for the Coca-Cola Company out of Atlanta, Georgia? Apparently you must think that your demographic is pretty dumb. Here’s my newsflash: you are dealing with a savvy group of people both young and old that can smell bullshit a mile away. Don’t placate them with “lingo” you’ll only end up doing damage to your brand.

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