Don’t Believe the Hype, Part 382

Welcome back to another edition of really absurd news as it relates to action sports. Now, this isn’t your ordinary news of the weird. Nah, this is just straight up good old fashioned head turning moments that will makes one muble “what the fuuuuuuuh …”. Now, you may or may not catch yourself before you utter a four letter word sure to offend infants, the elderly and as many prudish people within earshot. Then again you might just relish in having a good reason to drop an F-Bomb. I certainly do. Lets dig into this nugget.

This story coming out of Colorado may be good or bad pending on your view of skating. William Spencer of ‘Hollarado’ infamy is getting an MTV show. Yup, I kid you not. The guy who flips onto his skateboard and shamelessly reinvented the caveman appears to be bound for his own broadcast blend of ‘Life With Ryan’, ‘Rob and Big’ and ‘Jackass’. Now if you haven’t seen the ‘Hollarado’ clip it’s, well….it’s interesting. I probably fall out of the audience because gymnastics and skating seem like two very different activities that shouldn’t be blended together. However, William Spencer and his agent feel otherwise. Lord knows MTV will ride any skateboard angle to the idiot box these days so it pretty much makes sense that the end for this kid is a reality show.

Are you done throwing up in your mouth? OK, maybe the kid is impressive but I rank this up there with a blend of Todd Falcon and the early Eighties genius that was ‘Gymkata’. In other words it’s so bad it’s mildly entertaining. Yes, we can all regress to the golden rule of entertainment: “Even a turd will shine with enough studio polish.” William Spencer, you can thank Kurt Thomas and ‘Gymkata’ for this unintentionally funny lesson of the day. Watch and avoid if at all possible.

One thought on “Don’t Believe the Hype, Part 382

  1. Nice Gymkata reference. The rad thing about Gymkata, from an action sports perspective, is that Kurt Thomas’ martial gymnastics debut coincided pretty much to the year of Bart Conner’s turn as BMX bad guy Bart Taylor in “Rad.” What happened to that excellent trend of former US gymnasts taking on dubious stuntman roles? The two were rivals on the U.S. gymnastics team, released rival cult classics in the mid-80s, and actually now operate rival gymnastics academies. Bart Conner wins though: He ended up with Nadia Comineci. Score! Where they both screwed up in terms of action sports is in not teaming up to predict the awesome future of the Woodward gymnastics academy-turned action sports training ground: Just think how crazy action sports would be today if Conner had kept going with that idea Cru Jones had to practice backflips over a mattress back in 1986, and teamed up with Thomas to get some ninja shit up in there too. I can see it now: Dew Tour + Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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