Crowded Category: Action Sports Social Networks

Once again, I thank all I know on this earth for the power of Google. Set the right search and information is available at your fingertips. Plus, no chaff to wade through. It’s all good stuff. I tend to follow actions sports and primarily skating. If you haven’t figured that out yet … you are new to this blog thus…welcome. Those of you who have been playing along at home lets continue…

So a few minutes ago Google, with its infinite search power, showed me the latest entry into the Action sports social network world … say hello to This foray into the social network space will be going after not just action sports but motor sports and endurance sports (running, triathlons) as well. The San Diego Business Journal was kind enough to be the source for this material if you want to read the full article go here. If you want the bullet points here we go!

“In its newest life, Loop’d offers the services of its predecessor site,, which Tilton and buddy R.J. Krause founded in 2001. That site helps amateur athletes find commercial sponsors and sponsors a forum for finding athletes to tout their products.”

“Loop’d, set to officially launch Nov. 5, includes the participation of four partners, all well-heeled public companies that make products for the youth market: Monster Energy (a division of Hansen Beverage Co. of Corona); Pacific Sunwear of California, based in Anaheim; Oakley Inc., based in Foothill Ranch; and Orange County-based Surfer Magazine.”

“This year, Loop’d Network should generate $2 million in sales, with half derived from advertising. Forty percent will come from fees paid by athletes and sponsors, and 10 percent from fees generated by retail businesses on the site, Tilton said. Loop’d is not profitable yet, but that should happen within the next 12 to 18 months, he said.”

“The company attracted $2 million in an angel round of investing in 2004 after Tilton and Krause’s business plan won the Pitchfest event by the San Diego Venture Group. Andrew Craig, a sports event consultant whose firm was instrumental in helping London win the 2012 Summer Olympic Games and Sochi, Russia, get the 2014 Winter Games, said he was impressed enough with Tilton and his business to make a “modest investment” in Loop’d.”

OK, wow, that’s quite a bit. I’ll tackle the state of social networking in action sports later this week when I get my initial VLog rolling. That should be interesting to oh, about 10 people globally. But, I want to leave you with a parting thought. Lets start with the current players in the actions sports outdoors sports space: … … … … working with Myspace … … … … …

This already crowded category just got a little more crowded. To be honest, I can understand launching in the motorsports category and definitely the endurance sports category. They are both currently under served in this media space without a clear leader. However, launching an action sports social network now is like 4 dudes showing up to a party that’s already the proverbial “sausage fest.” Now, that’s a harsh statement but you can’t deny that action sports and the social media category is already standing room only.

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