The Friday Skate Wrap: A Work in Progress

OK, raise your hand if you are suffering from an overdose of sugar the likes of which is causing you to now dip into a coma. Is that just me? Dear sweet jesus, why did I eat those 328 mini-snickers bars? Yeah, well lets get back into skating. Maybe the pictures will surface of me in my Mothra costume a bit later. Like I said, back to the skating and well, talking about skating.

This is Not the EMB Documentary Trailer
So it looks like Most Blunted Productions and the heads at have unleashed a trailer. Seriously, looks good. Thanks to for the heads up. Keir also had the new hookup on a few clips.

Other Randoms from the Week

Thrasher has the good footy of some Halloween Cosutme skating.

48 Blocks has more goodness from the Adrian Williams pro debut. Good lookin’ out as always. has a Mumbo Sauce update. Right side of the screen in case you havea case of the lazy weekend syndrome.

Allen Danze has returned to blogville with some updates! I think he might be working on something new or not so new depeding on where you live…

… from Captain Action at “Banquet presents a new show from Allan Danze, “Danzed in DC”. Starting in December, check back every week for the latest episode. Until then,here’s a taste of what’s to come. Danze has D.C. on lock. If you don’tknow now you know.”

Finally, last weekend Convoy skateboards had themselves a contest at the park two blocks from my house. Now, I should have been there but here’s the issue. it was my lady’s birthday and that’s just how things go. You have to pick and choose the time and place. The upside is I did get in three hours of skating the next day.

Lucky for you, me and everybody else that couldn’t make it out to the comp Convoy had the hookup. Lots of photos and video galore ..I snaked this little tid bit form their flickr page:
Convoy Skateboards hosted a Best Trick Contest and Skate Jam at the Arlington Skatepark on Oct. 27, 2007.1st Place – Caleb Ocasio – BS Heelflip and BS Half Cab Kickflip down the “Big 3”
2nd Place – Eric Johnson/Convoy Team Rider – 360 Flip down the “Big 3”
3rd Place – Jesse Berry – Kickflip Indy Grab down the “Big 3”

Sounds like quite the jam. Check the photos and for all your Convoy news hit them up on the Convoy Blog or

Maybe next weeks some footage will surface from the Gnaughty premiere and more goodness will go down. See you Monday.

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