Thursday News: Vans On Point

Ah, so this is what November feels likes. a minor chill in the air. The gleam of a forthcoming snow season. Here in D.C. it’s time to wheel out the single speed parts box. Remove the big ring from the front and get an acceptable commuter gear slapped on for tooling around town. skating will begin to be pushed indoors and into the parking garage again. At least if the Farmers Almanac is right it will. While I do love me some East Coast I have a soft spot for the West Coast. Luckily we have the good folks at vans who keep us up to speed on all of our “California Dreaming.”

I, for one, think blogging is a wonderful thing. I’m glad Nikki, Vans Marketing Manager feels the same way. She’s going out of here way to unearth all thing cool related to Vans. did I mention she’s doing a damn good job of it as well? Off the Wall: Talking Stuff About Vans is poised to be my favorite new blog for the month of November. why? well, lets be honest here: it appears Nikki can actually write and might even have to gone to school for it, unlike the hack education I received at a certain Western Pennsylvanian University. I digress, Nikki ( a Vans employee … hey work there if it stokes you out life is short right?) has unearthed some pretty ool shit so far. I’ll be interested to see if it keeps up and progresses. A couple of updates a week is all that should be required. Nicely done.

Next up Vans is kicking off their Sky Gallery exhibition.


marco zamora · sage vaughn · kelsey brookes · cole gerst · derek albeck · jophen stein

new image art gallery
7908 santa monica blvd.
west hollywood, ca 90046
phone: 323.654.2192

The lineup of artist appears to be very solid and of course the beneficiaries are some very good causes. So, if you are in the Southern California area check it out. Let me know how it is. I have to go begin the winterizing process so I don’t freeze with the forthcoming snow that we all pray will be falling soon enough.

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