Nike SB Future Drops: Newcastle and 720 Dunks

Now, for all the f-bombs I drop this is supposed to be a family friendly blog. OK, so I lean to the left a little with the politics. But, I like to think that the whole freedom of speech thing is fun and kind of snappy when you are looking for a way to express yourself. that;s just my and my opinion so today South of the North will tread where we have never gone before: beer.

That’s right, beer and Nike SB’s to be precise. I do like beer. actually I quite enjoy it. granted I am able to enjoy it because I am wayyyyyyyyy beyond the legal drinking age. But, I have to hand to to Nike after doing the Heineken Dunk for SB a few years back they are dipping back into the world of suds for another inspiration this would be the now labeled Nike SB “Newcastle” dunk. Check the pics courtesy NikeSB.0rg and one of their members:

OK, that’s pretty rad. However, Newcastle is a piece of shit beer and they bottle it in clear bottles. The only thing worse than beer in a green bottle is beer in a clear bottle. That’s just wrong. So they went from the green Heineken bottle to the clear New Castle bottle. Ew. That’s just gross.

What’s the matter Nike can’t you pull it together and get us a Texas Budweiser dunk AKA Shiner Bock? Hell give us a good old fashion Bud or Silver Bullet before you start going the route of crap beer. I’m just saying

Ah, next up conjours up memories of Aladdin’s Castle Arcade down on the Vestal Parkway. Situated right next to Taco Maker was the local arcade where we launched many a skate mission to SUNY Binghamton, Downtown, Johnson City and the ditches. I think it was 1985 or 1986. I had a Lance Mountain future primitive deck and occasionally we would play the arcade game 720. Also, getting kicked down from are these shots of the alleged Nike 720 Dunk. A little something for everybody in this one. I just thought the game was funny then and it’s funny now. Oh, and Atari, in case you are listening that round swivel joystick sucked ass.

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