Tony Hawk Launches

Just when you think the “internets” is going to take a breather, the opposite happens. At first glance and when you hear the name a new site launching called ‘Shred or Die’ would only raise eyebrows as a precursor to the instant flash of sarcastic hell that would rain down about the domain name. But, at second glance the layout is oddly familiar as are the faces. Not to be left in the long running roll out of action sports start ups: Tony Hawk has stuck his foot in the game.

Now, lets be honest does Tony really need to do this? Does he need the title of media mogul? Not really. But, he can and that means he will. Shred or Die is part of the “or Die” network which you may remember form their first series of funny videos with Will Farrell. Tony might not have a belligerent toddler named “Pearl” as his landlord but he still manages to put up some solid clips. Aside form having a few Hollywood guest appearances most of the vids are good quality action sports tricks, tips and bails. I imagine this will just about crush most other competitors. If nothing else the name is easy to remember.

Dissent TV: Tony Hawk Meets Ed Helms from TV’s “The Office.” on
So, with an ever-expanding empire it’s pretty interesting to see Tony Hawk step into the dot com world. It will also be interesting to see how he fares in terms of success. Before you start saying this will damage his credibility think back for a moment to all the other things he’s done. OK, have all of those things in your head? I mean all of them because it’s quite a large number. Well this is why I call him Teflon Tony., success or failure won’t do a thing to tarnish his image. Let’s run through a few reasons why

Tony Hawk has been with skating from the top to the bottom and back to the top. Really, he has seen it all and suffered through the lean times like everybody else. He’s actually putting up good content. Tony is no dummy actually he’s pretty fucking smart. He’s got a sharp sense of humor and this is a great platform for him to execute on. Tony knows who and what he is. Now, its not that Tony doesn’t care but he is going to try and placate to the trend of the moment. Skating could shift in another direction at the blink of an eye but Tony will continue to follow his own path. I’m not saying he won’t evolve or change. That is clearly not the case. He still moves forward but, his agenda is his own. How can you argue with that?

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