Watch the ‘That’s Life’ Trailer

Commitment and perseverance are painful qualities to have in your possession. Pretty much, it means you are going to endure something over a determined period of time. The next implication is that what you will commit yourself to persevere over this period of time will not be pleasant. As a matter of fact, it will more than likely suck. That’s right it will suck, like suck has never sucked before.

Like I said, painful.

I watched somebody recently make a commitment to not drink. They had a moment of clarity and that locked them down. I wonder if the commitment is eating them up inside. I wonder if this is brutally painful.

A trailer recently surface for the documentary ‘That’s Life’ focusing on the lives and history of Duane Peters and Corey Parks. It briefly looks at their lives and Duane’s struggle to get sober. I don’t know Duane Peters. I’ve seen a few of his shows and I finally got to see him skate this year at the Pro-Tec Pool Party. During a run DP had a layback that all but looked like imminent death was approaching. However, he pulled it back into the bowl. He was so heavily committed to his line the trick was an after thought. There was no way he could not make it. By the time I scraped my jaw off the floor and jabbering to my friend show amazing that was two more skaters had passed. Commit, persevere and see it through. That’s fucking awesome whether it’s skating or sobriety.

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