Sacrifice a Scooter & Skate On

A few years back my friends brought by their kids. The dad was talking on and on about how great his kid was. Typical dad stuff for any proud parent. so he was having his son run through all of the stuff he did: football, basketball and then the kid dropped a bomb:

“I’m really into razor scooters.”

I nearly laughed my beer out of my damn nose. The kid actually said that. I just bit my lip and tried not to laugh. The kid went to find his mom and after he left I passed along a few bits of advice to the dad. One of them was an old board with trucks and wheels on it. There was no way I could let that kid go through life saying he was down for the scooter.

That would be like getting a shitty Nintendo tattoo.

So save a life and sacrifice the scooters.

Creature Skateboards is down for the cause.

9 thoughts on “Sacrifice a Scooter & Skate On

  1. You want some truth, go watch these two scooter videos. They will change your outlook on scooters, trust me.And don’t give me that bullshit “they always get in the way.” Skater, biker, blader kids alike, all get in the way just as much. No concept of part etiqutte.Terry Price video part: Price tuck no hand double backflip: McKeen TPC Alternate part: Donovan video:

  2. Sorry scooter fags. Still lame. When you little bitches come out and build skate parks, start your own companies or just quit being total fucking ass clowns then maybe we’ll respect you.Wait. No we won’t you’ll be on a fucking scooter.Douchebags

  3. you guys realize that your bagging on a sport that started out just like skateboarding… Get a life, your even lamer than the scooter kids cause you bag on them. Why stoop down to they’re level of queerness? OMG they ride a scooter and bend over and look gay when they ride… Well guess what they are riding the same shit your riding on your skateboard/bike whatever, doesnt matter what your riding if your having fun thats all that matters. I’m an AM skateboarder and ride for Manik skateboards and pretty close with a few local pro’s and have a few buddies who “scoot”. yeah the little kids that get in the way and shit are gay but there are some cool guys that scooter. Give them a chance, they are havin fun just like us. Dont try to fit in with the fags that bag on other extreme sports.Peace,-Josh

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