Tuesday Drop: Zoo York in China, Omar Hassan Footage and More

A few quick updates.

Zoo York Goes to China
Zoo is off in the Far East destroying spots new and old. I’m sure they are making tons of new friends and fans out of our eastern skating brothers. Greg W. at Zoo tipped me off to some photos and footage. Per his suggestion I followed a link down the “internets” and was rewarded with an amazing shot of Zered Basset.

Need more? Well, enjoy the footy.

Get Well Soon Omar
Here’s footage from the incident where Omar whacked his head.
OK, let’s take a minute to reflect on this.
Omar took this hit.
Omar didn’t freak out.
Omar returned to the comp from the hospital after getting stitched up and claimed his award.
Omar is a very bad man. I mean that in a good way. Dig?

Templeton Elliot Visits D.C.
No real news here but Skateboard Mag blogger and mastermind behind Mostly Skateboarding was in town for the Static 3 premiere. I couldn’t make the event I was busy trying to stay awake. Being a Dad is awesome 105% of the time.

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