Vans DownTown ShowDown Recap

So if you were so inclined to avoid the post-apocalyptic skateboard future of tomorrow over at the paramount studio back lot you could have easily watch the Showdown on a webcast from the fine folks over at

I did. I managed to saver about $900 in plane tickets and hotel rooms through the power of the “internets”. But, I digress, lets talk about the webcast and all it’s HD glory. Holy crap, it was little slice of awesome. None of that rebuffering crap. Just straight up skating with only a minor delay. 411 and vans were on top of it. Both the comp and the HD webcast. I have to say. I really enjoyed it all. A quick recap for those of you playing along at home here’s a break down of the best performances of the day and of course pictures go first before numbers ….

I got equal parts Zero and Toy Machine here. I got a Sandoval, a Marks and a Harmony…

Quien es mas macho… ? Rick McCrack mas macho!

Mike Mo off the Girl Gone Gonz Gap

Cervantes and the tre flip…

Is that Johnny Layton? Is that a Melon? Did Creature recreate Lord Helmet from ‘Spaceballs’ ?

On with the numbers!

Creature’s The Darkest Passage into the Depths of Doom and Despair
1. Tyler Mumma (Black Label) – $2,500
2. Tony Cervantes (Zero) – $1,500
3. Al Partanen (Creature) – $1,000

Foundation’s Former World’s Biggest Skateboard
1. Tommy Sandoval (Zero) – $2,500
2. Johnny Layton (Toy Machine) – $1,500
3. Rick McCrank (Girl) – $1,000

Girl’s Girl Gonz Wild
1. Billy Marks (Toy Machine) – $2,500
2. Mike Mo Capaldi (Girl) – $1,500
3. Sean Malto (Girl) – $1,000

Real’s Sacto Rebate –
1. Rick McCrank (Girl) – $2,500
2. Alex Olson (Girl) – $1,500
3. John Rattray (Zero) – $1,000
Top Am Performance – Alex Olson (Girl) – $5,000

Top Pro Performance – Rick McCrank (Girl) – $10,000

Overall Team Winner – Zero ($30,000), Toy Machine 2nd ($15,000), Girl 3rd

If you missed the webcast he Vans Downtown Showdown will air on December 24 at 8 pm EST/PST on the FUEL action sports network.

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