Skate News to Me: Branson Ban

Nothing like capturing two full nostrils of skating early in the day. Pops yours eyes right out of the darn sockets if you are jonesing hard enough. I hope you had a good night. Mine was splendid and you may ask yourself….”why was his night so good?”. Did I finally get out and skate for more than 20 minutes.? Nope. Did I relearn some long forgotten trick? Not a chance I tell you. No, I am excited because at the very least I love putting bringing you some news. So, pour yourself some black coffee and settle in. we are going to be here awhile.

Branson, Missouri Prepares a Skate Ban
The fine folks down in MO aren’t so down with the skateboarding. Apparently a few
skaters have been making use of their available resources and putting skateable assets to good use. I don’t call that reckless I call that maximizing use of public
space. Looks like the County Alderman are going to laying down the dreaded “no skating” law.

My thought is this: so we don’t end up with another over zealous law enforcement officer like the cop in Hot Springs AR. You remember him right? Please tell me you remember Officer Joey bag of donuts who put several kids in headlocks because they upset his temper. Here’s a scary thought: that man carries a gun. OK, I digress. Lets make sure our buddies down in Branson at least have the voice of skating behind them.

Feel free to call the Mayor or Police Chief. You see here’s the great thing: when you become and elected official you are accountable for your actions and the actions of others. I highly recommend the following when you contact them:

1. Question the motives and options in this ban. If you ban skating then where will they skate? Is the public park open around the clock? is it free for public use?

2. Please define how skating become illegal downtown. Does this outlaw tricks? skating from point A to point B. All of the above? At the bare minimum outline the new rules.

3. If somebody is ticketed for skating treat them with respect and decency. Bottom line: don’t be an ass. Just because somebody is on a skateboard they could be a future doctor, lawyer or CEO and believe me … karma is a motherfucker.

Branson, MO Chief of Police
Caroll McCullough

Branson, MO Mayor
Raeanne Presley

OK, I turn the power of e-mail and speed dial over to you and remember ‘Roadhouse’ rules … Be Nice.

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