Better Than Black Coffee: The Ruts on a Thursday Morning

I must confess my music selection is not as wide and diverse as it once was. I wrote a few days back about The Ramones and the impact they had on me as a young one. maybe it’s the massive shift in my priorities but I no longer search out music. I used to seek it with a passion. I would obsess over bands and who to pick from the D.C. – NYC – Philly trifecta along the East coast corridor. I could easily fill 30 days and call over 2/3’s of them a massive success in terms of attending shows. Now I rely almost solely on recommendation without falling into my dinosaur rock trappings. The other night I caught Henry Rollins pulling in his second night of spoken word right outside of D.C. More on that later (hint: it was great) but he called out a story about getting to play with one of his favorite bands: The Ruts.

That triggered a switch in my head. Once flipped I started thinking…”wait didn’t Rich B. recommend these guys to me when we skated Menlo Park last December?” I hauled ass home from work today and once I had a free minute pulled up ye olden iTunes and sunk myself into looking for The Ruts. Once found and immediately purchased I bagan to enjoy it wayyyyyyyyy too much. The song ‘In a Rut’ begs, nope it pleads “Play me at 11! Don’t stop! play me! more! more! more!”

Ahhhhhh and I am 2o years old again through the power of music. Good times indeed.

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