‘Your Logo Here’ & ‘Vice Photo Book’ !

I have one fear. It’s not death. I know death is coming so I pretty much have accepted that. Eventually I will die. Taxes are more of a pain in the ass than a resolute fear. But, that’s just the man bringing me down per the norm. Nope, my fear is for my daughter. My little 13 month old daughter sends shivers down my spine. I get terrified when I flip past channels and see the vapid boys and girls of ‘The Hills’. I worry that she’ll go down that path of trying to be part of something akin to the “airhead mob mentality.” You can catch Ryan Sheckler’s buddies putting forth the same brain dead effort on ‘Life of Ryan.

After attending most every action sports crapfest I have an even bigger fear: I fear that one day I’ll walk off a ramp from skating and see my daughter getting a logo spray painted on hear body like the youth portrayed in Deanna Templeton’s new book ‘Your Logo Here’. Holy crap now that give me nightmares.

The book itself is an amazing photo study of how companies have begun marketing at events by spray painting their logos onto the bodies of young men and women. Check the photos and track the book down. It’s worth the purchase from the standpoint that brand co-option has long existed in action sports with stickers and stencils but this was primarily applied only to the board and helmet level. We’ve upgraded to human bodies and i don’t know if this humanizes products or dehumanizes people. of course if you can’t beat them. Join them. You’ll soon see a South of the North spray paint stencil coming soon, please apply to skateboards only.

13 Year Later Vice Rolls Out the Photos

One of the magazines that isn’t afraid to get down and raw with the real is of course, say it with me, Vice Magazine. After a decade plus of mind blowing and often numbing imagery V ice books is dropping The Vice Photo Book. Not only do they throw in their select pics from the cream of the crop that will provoke, titillate and stir (dare I say mix?) your emotions but you will also get a few added features. Looks like they are lining up to include interviews with shooters of the like: Richard Kern, Terry Richardson and Ryan McGinley. A solid 336 pages from the finest youngin’s behind the lens.
Just in time for Christmas. yep, convenience is king this year. Now you can tell everybody to my you something other than that dead stock pair of Nike SB “Wheats” in a 10.5.

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