Skater Owned Part 1: Wolfpack & Convoy

That’s right, another weekend down and another few days closer to winter. Got the good word on a future”key holders” skate club that might be local to D.C. coming up. You have got to love the D.I.Y. scene that evolves from skaters. Skate parks, clothing, boards, videos all of it is attainable inside the world of skating. Even more unique is how it can go on and feed into the larger “scene” component. What would skating in Portland or Philadelphia be with our Burnside or FDR? Would it be quicksilver and Volcom battling it out for retail supremacy had Richard Woolcott not started screen printing t-shirts? I caught glimpse of the up and coming this weekend in D.C. from a few local clubs and scenes. If you want to show some support to real skater owned, skater driven companies check these out:

Back when the Vans Park in Woodbridge was open I met Chris Jordan. Chris would skate the kidney bowl mid day due to working a night shift. I was an unemployed writer at the time. I figured skating was good way to spend my afternoons. Beat the hell out of sending out 20 resumes that would never be answered. Eventually Chris went on to found Wolfpack skateboards. During the first few years Chris hustled the decks at Vans and went on to have an amazing group of skaters across the board. You couldn’t turn your head and not see a Wolfpack board. But, life gets busy and eventually Wolfpack took a break. After being on hiatus for a few years Chris has returned with a new series of t-shirts and the word is wood is on the way soon. During the coming months I have my eyes wide open. As soon as these boards hit they will be sure to sell out amongst Washington D.C. skaters.

Check out Wolfpack over on their myspace page:

A new addition to D.C.’s skate scene is the crew from Convoy. I witnessed first hand how they are coming into the skate world swinging. A demo went down this weekend in Arlington, VA and like most great pieces of the skating all were welcome. I give these guys credit for pouring everything they have into this project. On their radar in the next year is getting their team video out and that means good things for D.C. skating.

I’ll be knuckling down and getting an interview with the crew. In the meantime check out some footage from Convoy skater Spencer Brown

Of course these are just two of the things happening in D.C. Stay tuned because in the coming weeks more will be surfacing.

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