Got Hopps and the Weekend Wrap Up

Got Hopps?
The D.I.Y. ethic continues to run deep in skateboarding and let’s not ever forget it. Coming out of NYC Jahmal Williams is dropping Hopps Skateboards. As Jahmal puts it: “Inspired by skateboarding and underground street culture, we view skateboarding as a form of artistic expression. Our goal is to love what we do, have fun, and be creative. Sounds to me like they got it all dialed in. The graphics are rock solid and give points for being simple yet clean.

It appears Jahmal already has distribution at a number of shops. From Palace 5ive to M.IA. to N.J. Skate Shop Jahmal has got distro on lockdown. Check out the brand and all it has to offer.

I’m Not Drunk. You’re Drunk!
Looks like Yo-siris and Consolidated got together to get a shoot out the door. The Drunk BS is well, lets be honest, the shit is bananas. Patent leather and a little bit of freakin’ genius accompany this drop. Yup, Birdo has won another point for the “Don’t Do It” Army.

After witnessing how Nike SB is treating some long term Nike customers it might be time to reconsider my favorable position on Nike SB. You tell me: Do you think Nike is good for skating? Hit me up
Source: High Snobiety

Congrats it’s Girl
A new website and the new edition of wall Ride catalogue mean there will be some amazing things flowing out of the Girl camp. Product to footage these guys are on top of it. Skatedaily had the good word on it earlier this week. Definitely check these links out.

Girl Skateboards

Holy Crap That’s Going to Hurt
Recently EXPN and Lat34 had articles on “greatest slams”. Lat34 focused on this summer and EXPN took a good hard look at the past across the footage they owned to declare a “winner.” OK, maybe I didn’t actually “read” these articles but at initial glance I think they left out the Brian Schafer loop-out from Tampa a few years ago. I also nominate Chris Miller’s slam at Upland. I couldn’t find footage on Miller but here’s Schafer’s slam. Two burley falls and both guys ended up being OK to keep on skating. A side note, in Miller’s case owning every spot I’ve seen him at lately.

Bob Blog-Quist
Speaking of big falls Dew Tour Skate writers and blogger Colin Bane has a sit down with Bob Burnquist. He gets into some details of Jake Brown’s mega-bail and goes on to discuss progression. You gotta love Bob. The man is never content, not even for a minute. I wonder if there is any truth to the rumors about his jumping onto I Path. All that Timberland Boot money should be able to buy a vert pro now that they’ve cut 75% of their team.

Boards are Dropping Like Flys
A quick reminder the Zoo York Makeset and Broken window decks are dropping this weekend. Next week there looks to be new wood from Label and check the links above for some new Girl and Chocolate decks. In the meantime look, it, love it and live it… Zoo York.

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