Nike SB Summer 2008 Preview & the SB Krueger Hype

We are barely a week out of summer 2007 and summer 2008 is rearing it’s ugly head already. the Buellers and Newcastles are up in this batch. Good looking out Alpine for reminding me of this.

Images courtesy and SawOne.

Nike SB Freddy Kruger
This will be interesting. All the sneakerheads are whipping into a frenzy over whether or not this shoe is real, will see general release. It’s pretty funny. I’ve had more productive sessions on the computer but rarely to I get to witness a level or nerdoritica such as this. The only thing these guys are missing is a steady reference to “hit points” and rolling of the “100 sided die”.

See what the fuss is about? I thought it would be a funny sneaker to skate in through October.
That’s wheere I went wrong. Most people don’t skate in their Nikes. But … they should.

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