In the Brief …

Shaun White is Funny and Talkative
Ever wonder how people outside of action sports view Shaun?
Read on…
Source: “Little…World”

Stats Nobody Cares About
The number of skiing and snowboarding customers between ages 45 to 54 rose 5.5 percent over the past decade, while the number ages 55 and older doubled. In other news I had Total Bran Flakes for breakfast. Again, nobody cares.
Source: NY Post

Finally, Burton Opens Another Store
The mighty mighty B has opened another store and this one is in Chicago. I’m sorry you expect Chicago to care about anything other than the Chicago Cubs during a playoff run? Your limited edition collaboration shirts didn’t pay homage to the friendly confines of Wrigley Field. As a past Chicago resident I have to say you dropped the ball on this one Burton. Oh, you want to know more about the store? Keep reading…
Source: Chicago Sun-Times

Volcom Presents …
… at an investor relations conference. Yes, youth against the establishment indeed! As the announcement says

“Management will review the company’s operations and financial performance, and discuss its position as a premier brand in the growing action sports industry.”

Source: Business Wire

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