Skateboarding out of the Olympics?

Today we are connecting the dots of Greek culture and skating. Yeah, it’s a stretch but bear with me. I stayed up to late last night watching the movie ‘300’. A fun movie to watch if you into crazy battle scenes and the what not. Actually, I saw it earlier this year with Colin over at the Uptown. wWhat does ‘300’ the movie have to do with skating? Well it allows me to get Jimmy the Greek’s (no clue if he’s actually Greek or just great at setting odds) new deck from Emergency posted. The art straight up snags the imagery from the ‘300’ graphic novel. You gotta love the Label & Emergency. OK, that was a lie it’s just a long windup to talk about the Olympics (which were founded by …Greeks!)

Skateboarding in the Olympics? Not So Much for 2012 and Transworld are reporting that skateboarding is falling out of favor for the 2012 Olympics in London. The scenario is that skateboarding would get included to make better full use of the half pipe. The idea being that cycling can push BMX vert in and skate vert would sneak in as well. All well and good in theory, however, the red tape has mired the process. Apparently a vote must happen at the UCI level and then with the IOC. There appears to be additional conflict in those who favor a street style event vs. vert. Good luck with that. Snowboarding can’t even get slopestyle in the Winter Olympics.

For more details find the full article on

Osiris Preps ‘Feed the Need’
Lots of hype about the Lakai and Nike Sb videos but not so much about the Osiris vid. Check the trailer

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