Another Target on Sheckler’s Back … Literally

Ryan has a few targets on his back right now. Long gone are the days when the boy wonder was heralded in the pages of Big Brother with his mom along for the ride. Now, Sheckler has his awkward teen moments filmed for the sake of profit and thrust out to the MTV viewing audience. I really hope he has a good accountant who is banking all his cash into a very large trust fund.

Anyway, while watching flipping channels tonight I was enjoying a new episode of ‘American Misfits’ on fuel TV ( shameless plug # 1). Radomnetta and Ron Allen were putting on quite the mini ramp champ display. Eventually, I flipped over to the less entertaining but more exploitative ‘Life of Ryan’. Needless to say this will be the first time I agree with anything a former boy band singer has to say: please MTV quit pushing this crap on us and go back to playing music. I might not be hip enough to know my daft Punk remixes but anything is better than this exploitative staged crap.

Finally, after throwing up a little in my mouth, I grabbed the laptop and swung on by a few excellent sites. One of which was skate and annoy. They directed me to another splendid use of internet time….I give you the Ryan Sheckler tattoo generator. Yes, some people have way too much time on their hands and it’s a hilarious thing. Click here to make your own Sheck tat.

Thank you Eight Equals D.

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