ASR Photo Blog: Pro Much?

Well, this should just about wrap up the coverage of the brodeo known as ASR. As I previously mentioned it was good. Lots of things are coming down the line for spring 2008. Skate definitely seemed to generate more buzz than in years gone by. Don’t call it a comeback though. Anyway, gone are the days of surf brands dictating skate style. Skate has evolved into its own culture since the inception of this show. from the range of faces, products and dollars spent on orders …. it certainly shows. Here are a few of the friendly faces we ran into down on the ASR convention floor. Let the pictures worth a 1,000 words continue.

I caught two of Adio’s finest catching up outside their booth. first up was Kenny Anderson. as you can see all is bueno with Mr. Anderson. Kenny spent some time on the road this summer but he still remains burned in our heads for the backside noseblunts at the Vans Downtown showdown in 2006.

Standing about two feet away was none other than the man holding down Joey’s Corner on Red Bull’s Manny Mania site, that’s right it’s Joey Brezinski. Joey slayed it this summer at the Venice Beach stop of Manny Mania. If you cruise over to the Adio Limited Projects you can sneak a peek at Joey’s shoe with the unmistakable grill up on the tongue. Pretty dope Joey.

After wandering the convention floor for a few hours you are bound to run into some familiar faces. This year at ASR there seemed to be a bunch of companies looking to bring a skate & surf fashion side to ultimate fighting. These companies got shelved to the back of the convention center. I’ll be h9nest it was pretty creepy. I felt as if at any moment one of the following would happen:

A. I’d get punched and the choked out.
B. Some guy would try to sell me meth and then ask for a ride to Barstow.
C. Did I mention the whole punching thing? Yeah, pretty creepy.

Anyway, while I sat back and admired the spectacle of shitty tattoos, Orange County tough guys and just pure crap gear I saw a familiar face. Standing a few feet away with camera gear worth more than the car I drive times two was Rob Brink. Rob’s a mellow guy. Check out his site anyway this is Rob taking a picture while holding a cup of tea. Now that’s one talented man.

After surviving the convention floor it was darn near beer thirty and I was thirsty. I fought my way through the groms pouring themselves a tall frosty at the grind for life fund raiser and grabbed a coldie. Needless to say this what trying to get a beer was like all weekend. However, there’s a strategy you can employ. It’s called get the biggest beer you can. I had a few drinks I might have heckled a few guys on the Baker crew but they were all relaxed. Good times on the roof. I have to say the chick in the dunk tank looked not-so-stoked. but, that’s a story for another blog.

Finally, I retreated inside where Matt Hensley was playing an Irish jig on the accordion. that was good stuff. while I chatted with a few people Tosh Townend walked by hustling a DVD he and his buddies self produced. They are going straight Master P-New Orleans-Hustlin’ with this flick. That means they are selling it out of back packs and the back of cars. I do appreciate the moves he’s making. I dug around for my last fiver and grabbed a copy. we’ll get a full review up in the next few weeks.

After a couple of beers it was time to roll. I didn’t expect to see this guy in the house signing autographs but there he was. yep, Big Black form the DC video. That would also be Big Black from MTV’s ‘Rob & Big’. Now there was no sign of Dyrdek but hey … half of funny is better than no funny. Big Black recently left DC Shoes to start up his own footwear company. Yep, now that’s happening. Uh huh.

I have to say out of all the entourage action i saw all weekend none could match big black. Each guy weighed in easily over 3 bills. That’s six guys! that’s easily 1,800 pounds. Who in the right fucking mind would even say shit to these guys? It’s like rolling into a bicycle race with a Ducati! Ok, at that point it was really time to go.

Finally, on our way out we asked ourselves what would Mike Caroll do?

Then I decided Carrol might not go have a garlicky shrimp burrito and 32 ounce beer but I was sure going to enjoy them both.

So long ASR, see you in January!

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