What You Should Be Reading Right Now: Shop-Eat-Surf.Com

I like to think that SouthoftheNorth.com is a bit of an anomaly. Yep, we are weird. Why? Because I am doing this for fun. No agenda has or will be set other than to discuss and inform. Actually, that’s not true if I can find a way to digitally refine the brand – retailer -consumer relationship so that it’s mutually beneficial I will be happy. I leave the real reporting and writing for those who are deep in “the know”.One such person is Tiffany who heads up Shop-Eat-Surf.com. Routinely I am finding great, insightful content on action sports brands that live, thrive and survive around Orange County on her site. Today she has a terrific update on the topic of takings risks and who does she get a good quote from but Volcom’s CEO Richard WoolCott. Wooly goes on to say:

“What I often see is that we might design something fresh and exciting but it will not book well and ends up getting dropped from the line. However, if we feel strong about it we will try it the next season and maybe then it will take hold. It’s really a timing issue of when the market is ready for a new look or style.”

Clearly, being entrenched in Orange County is the way to go. I highly recommend you check out Shop-Eat-Surf.com. I guarantee you’ll learns something new about the evolving business dynamic in Southern California.

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