ASR Photo Blog: Old Faces from the Floor

Ah, Old faces we all know them and some age more gracefully than others. Here’s a small sample of a few people from the floor of the San Diego convention center.

Who: John Lucero, Black Label Ruler
Where: The Black Label booth at ASR
Doing: Holdin’ it down.
Up Next: Running the show, skating and maybe some more peep show clips.
Why You Should Care: After his break out performance this spring in ‘Fat Guy on a Curb’ we see great things ahead for this Lucero guy. Seriously though, no introductions should be necessary and the Label is killing it.

Who: Ingemar Backman
Where: The ASR floor
Doing: Making the rounds between Oakley and several other stops.
Up Next: Installing fear in the hearts of poker players across Europe and keeping hipsters stylish in WESC.
Why You Should Care: does anybody remember Ingemars part in TB5? No? Scroll down to relive it..

Who: Matt Hensley
Where: The Grind for Life fundraiser during ASR
Doing: Playing the accordion.
Up Next: Making Hensley’s Flying Elephant the hottest joint in Carlsbad, CA.
Why You Should Care: Because I bet they have Guinness on tap and some Pogues on the juke.

If you are in town check it:
Hensley’s Flying Elephant Pub & Gril
l850 Tamarack Ave
Carlsbad, CA

Who: Christian Hosoi
Where: The Grind for Life fundraiser during ASR
Doing: Repping Hosoi skateboards, shaking hands and being an all around gracious guy.
Up Next: Skating, loving life and spreading the word.
Why You Should Care: Christian Hosoi was and will always remain an innovator. Respect.

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