ASR: Volcom’s Chaos

Action sports retailer show for September 2007 is so done you could put a fork in it and I mean that in the best way possible. There was lots of things going on in San Diego. But, this weekend for about eight hours a day the industry turned its collective attention to the SD convention center.

Games of S.K.A.T.E were played (congrats to Chris Cole) and big orders were made. However, the real story behind ASR was none of these things. Nor was it to be the coming out of No, while we remain in the veiled closet of obscurity the real story is always the people. The collective of Industry, skaters, surfer and about 200 kids scrambling for stickers and t-shirts. With so much to say and so little time I’ll let the pictures speak a 1,000 words. Enjoy

File Under: Well Managed Corporate Chaos

OK, take one part hair metal costumes add in a bunch of amplifiers, PA’s and a karaoke machine and you got yourself the Volcom booth. I would have tried to get a clear picture but this kind of describes the chaos. Pretty much Vee-co becomes the epicenter of trade shows with their running theme year after year. Enough well planned chaos so that Wall Street analysts report it back as “buzz”. That’s right when you go public it’s costume time! Photo credit:

In reality this is what the Volcom booth was like. Minor chaos and major on brand commerce. What do expect them to do? It’s a trade show. Photo credit:

CEO Richard Woolcott made an appearance. For all the sarcasm Volcom continues to kill it. God bless’em. If funny costumes and throwing an all day party is in their annual fiscal plan then rock on. Maybe the fed can learn something from, uh, never mind. Photo Credit:

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