ASR Blog: Going Green!

File Under: Ass, Cash, or Grass … We’re Going Green!

This year was a big year on the “green scene” at ASR. They had their own lounge going. You could cruise upstairs and mellow out with free Vitamin water, emergen-c samples and five dollar smoothies (but these were free). Actually, it was closer to the hangover remedy lounge with it’s relaxed vibe and it’s bountiful re hydrating goodness.

Actually you found, bands, poker tourneys and a host of products from companies that are environmentally friendly and sound. you do have to applaud and respect the companies who are trying to make a difference on all fronts. Here’s a few sightings from the lounge:

Skart was not in short supply. Photos, paintings, sculpture could all be found.

Quik was one of several companies displaying their organic line ups for the younger and older consumers.

Not to be left our in the cold one of the executive producers behind ’11th Hour’ did a walk through. That’s right. Sole Tech’s CEO Pierre Andre Senizergues made an appearance and graciously shook hands. Chris Miller, Warth Products COO is standing opposite with his back to the camera. In case you missed it read Chris Miller’s Interview from the June 2007 issue of Transworld Business.

Earth Products has stepped into the organic arena as well with a new collection from Planet Earth Clothing. Green Label is backed by the PE skate team. The catalog showed off new rider Shuriken Shannon. I need to pay more attention to who they put on teams.

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